Friday, February 18, 2011

My Friday Favorites!

Here I am, back after another week of neglectful blogging! Who missed me?! How do I not seem to find time to blog and feel like I am way too busy but also feel like I have nothing going on, sll at the same time?! Oh well! I'm here now!

My grandparents anniversary party was pretty great! My mom surprised them with a vow renewal ceremony that was amazing to see. Another reminder of how much I love them and how blessed I am to still have them both alive and such a big part of my life and more importantly the lives of my children. They both ADORE each other and I adore watching their interactions.

Let's see...What else has gone on this week?! We are on our second day of 50+ degree weather and we are reveling in it! I took my youngest on a little zoo date yesterday! It was wonderful to be outside for a few hours and to see some animals out and about in the snow that we may not normally see in the warmer months.

We have February vacation coming up with lots of fun and lots of relaxing planned! Our friends are having a luau tomorrow night so that should be a fun kick off to vacation! We also have a couple of playdates planned and a trip to our local natural history museum. I also have high hopes to strip the pink flowery wall paper in our hallway and get that painted, FINALLY, after being in the house for over a year now...The hallway and bathroom are the last couple of things we need to do. The playroom could use an overhaul, but is totally fine for the purpose it serves. Maybe one day when the girls are older...

Did you guys watch the Grammy's?! I feel like I haven't watched it in a few years but tuned in this year and was pleasantly surprised that it was heavy on the performances and lighter on the awards and speeches. HA! Here is my most favorite performance of the night. My current favorite band Mumford & Sons and the wonderful Avett Brothers! If you haven't checked out these bands yet, YOU MUST!

Alrighty friends! Here's to a fabulous, healthy school vacation! I will do my best to update more this week! Have a good one! Make it count!

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