Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Early Morning Ramblings

Good morning! I was up a little early this morning, sending my husband off to work with a gain bag of Girl Scout cookies for the guys he works with. I had plans to go back to sleep after he left, but that didn't really pan out, so here I am. Enjoying the silence while the littles still sleep!

It's February vacation around here so the kiddos are home for the week. I went into the week with only one playdate planned but we now seem to have something going on everyday. How does that happen? I go between wanting to have lots of fun with our friends to wanting to stay curled up at home, just the four of us.

Where did the winter go? I have to go back to work soon. My job shuts down in the winter so I get a nice, seasonal break but my time is almost up. UGH! I love being home and I love the routine we have settled into. It's going to be hard to give it up. Why am I not independently wealthy?! HA!

So my break is almost up and I don't think I accomplished one darn thing on my winter To Do List...We started working on taking down the wallpaper in the hallway after living with the lovely pink flowers for a year now. Oh my! I forgot my loathing of wallpaper removal. My grandma was very heavy into the wallpaper and we took down wallpaper or a boarder in EVERY...SINGLE...ROOM! The last on the house list is the hallway and the bathroom. The bathroom needs a lot of work so it just keeps getting pushed back until we have a big chunk of money for it. The hallway just needs the wallpaper taken down and a skim coat and paint job. The wallpaper is proving to be a larger foe then anticipated! That damn stuff just doesn't want to come down!

I bought myself and elliptical machine yesterday! Very excited and can't wait to start using it. Sadly it won't be here until Monday. I was very bummed when it wasn't in stock. Don't they know I am all about instant gratification?! HA! I'll let you know how I like it!

I've neglected my camera this winter too. It was not my intention. I really wanted to take the time and play around with it but...I didn't. Part of my problem is I only have the zoom lens for it so that does not always bode well for taking pictures indoors of my kiddos. I have been using my phone a lot lately to take pics and while they do come out okay, they don't compare to what I could be taking with my camera. I think I'll go lens shopping today!

Alright. I the littles are up and asking for breakfast. Happy Tuesday! Enjoy your week!

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