Thursday, February 24, 2011

Februaury Vacation

Am I one of the only mom's who LOVES school vacation? I LOVE having the girls home with me, spending time with them, being lazy, watching them play together, hanging out with friends, catching up with friends I hadn't realized how much I missed...

We've been so lucky this winter too because my husband has a lot of vacation time and has been able to take off both Christmas and February breaks off so we have all been home! I hope it works out with April vacation too!

We haven't done a whole lot this vacation...A LOT of sleeping in! (Monday morning is going to be ROUGH!) We kicked off the week with an awesome luau with our friends over at PrepAhead&DineIn! Such a fun party for the kids and adults! MAKE the pulled pork! It was to die for! All of the food was so good and I can't wait to make it at home! And I can't wait to go to Scrumptions to buy some of those coconut macaroons...I ate WAY TOO MANY!

We started working on tearing down some wall paper in our hallway...UGH! And that's all I'm going to say about that! HA!

We ventured to the roller rink yesterday and it was a successful trip for all! I love that my big girl has embraced something new and is loving it. She is definitely my timid girl and is usually nervous to try new things. I'm not sure why, if she is just growing out of her timidness, or what, but she was very enthusiastic about rollerblading, so we are running with it!

We had a wonderful playdate this morning with mom's and kids from our first year of preschool. Our oldest kiddos started together and know two of our youngest are in school together. Seven kids for almost 3 hours and they all got along! IT WAS FANTASTIC! So great to sit and catch up over coffee. It took awhile I feel, but I have surrounded myself with some fantastic moms and kids and I feel so truly blessed! We may certainly not be able to sit and chat like that as much as we'd like to but...

Tomorrow we are headed out for a little lunch and a trip to our local natural history museum and planetarium which I have never been to but am looking forward to checking out with the fam tomorrow!

I think a relaxing weekend is on our horizon...I hope anyway! More wallpaper removal but other then that...Happy Thursday! I hope I'm not the only crazy mom out there who loves having her kids at home! (It sure does help that my girls have been getting along really well all winter!) 

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  1. Normally, I LOVE break. But this one is killing me for some reason. No one I know is around, all my play dates have fallen through (I'm lookin at you!! tee hee), oh and yeah, Croup!!! sigh..At least we're leaving for Florida soooon!!!!!!