Friday, February 11, 2011

My Friday Favorites!

Oh poor, neglected blog! I don't know where the week went! I guess we've been fairly busy, enjoying life! Big plans for the weekend! First, let me start by wishing my grandparents a very happy 50th anniversary! I adore my grandparents. The homestead wouldn't have been the homestead without them! I will do a whole post about it someday, but we live in the house my great-grandparents built, the house my grandparents raised their family in... I LOVE it! is their 50th wedding anniversary!
We have family in from out of town so last night we had a wonderful turkey dinner! Tonight we have a roller skating event for the big girl's school! Again, for another post, but I can't say enough about her school! Tomorrow we have our nephew's 7th birthday (HOW THE HE!! are these kids turning 7?!?!?) at Monster Golf and Sunday is the big anniversary party! For the better part of the week I have been working on a dvd slide show to show and the party! It's been so fun to see all these old pictures, find ones I have never seen, and to hear the stories behind them! They've lived quite the life!

Okay, so on to some of this weeks favorites!

The Pioneer Woman's Book! Are you guys fan's of PW?! If you're not, you should be! Go right now and check her out at The Pioneer Woman! Anyway, in a fit of writer's block, she took to her blog and started writing the story of her 'courtship' with Marlboro Man! The story was a huge hit on the blog and she has now released the book, which includes stories from their first year of marriage. I can't put the darn thing down! I want to curl up on the couch for the rest of the day and finish it! It's great, she's just so darn sweet and funny, and she better make it over this way for a book signing! Her cookbook is also fantastic if you don't already own it!

Roller skating in the basement! My little ladies had never roller skated/bladed before but the big girl really wanted to go to the school's roller skating event. My girl is a little nervous nelly and not always so enthusiastic about trying new things so...I was a little nervous she was going to get to the event and not want to do it or hate it and I would have spent this money for our family to go...So...I bought my girls some roller blades and we headed down to the basement to practice! Luckily/thankfully my big girl took right to it. I'm sure we don't have perfect form...Okay, I know we don't have perfect form, but my girl is up in those skates and loving every minute! Hopefully tonight will be a ton of fun! They also do a basket raffle and the baskets are AMAZING! I hope we win one!!!

Old School Sesame Street Videos! My little picked out a Sesame Street video at the library the other day and it had so many great old songs that I watched when I was little! LOVE IT! I love the kids enthusiasm in this one, and who doesn't love James Taylor!

Alright kids, go forth and celebrate your butts off this weekend! I know we will! Life is good!

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