Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adventures in Parenting

My oldest is having a friend over after school today. I just finished picking up her room, making her bed, and vacuuming...How will this play out this afternoon?!
'Thank you so much for cleaning my room mom and letting my friend come over. You are the world's greatest mom!'

Oh the excitement of living with a six year old!

Let is not forget her darling four year old sister, who seems upon turning four has also become bi-polar! This girl can throw fits these days like Chris Brown in a GMA dressing room!  The past 4 days have been horrible and I can't wait to talk to the pediatrician when we go in next week. I'm know it's because she is four and wants what she wants, when she wants it but...And def. seems to be triggered most when she is over tired...It's all a bit much and I'm just not sure how to deal with it. There seems to be no calming her down...

Oh well...I have one daughter with a clean bedroom, an un-showered me, a carpet of Polly Pockets, and an appointment in 45 minutes! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Poor Neglected Blog...

Ahhhh! I am horrible at this! I don't know why?! I'm usually just sitting in front of the tv at night...NO EXCUSES!

Spring seems to be in the air around here! Most of the snow is GONE in our yard and daffodils are sprouting! My favorite sure sign that spring is on it's way is when they tap the maple trees near my parents house! Always makes me smile and know that winter is on it's way out!

Our chickens are very happy the snow is gone! They were only able to go out in about a third of their run because the rest was covered in snow and they wanted no part of it! They are happy the snow is gone and we can let them out to run round our yard to dig for bugs! I am going to work on getting a great picture of our ladies for a new spring header more snowy tractor, as pretty as it may be!

The kiddos are equally as happy the snow is gone! We spent the majority of our Sunday outside, riding bikes and scooters! So good to get some fresh air and be able to run off some extra energy! And I was able to have windows cracked open all weekend too! SO NICE!

We did a lot of work on our hallway this past weekend...Took down the last of the wallpaper, washed down the walls and painted. We are now in the process of putting up beadboard paneling along the bottom half of the wall and I look forward to displaying a lot of the kiddos art work on the walls!

I think that's about it for now. I PROMISE I will get better at keeping the blog updated! I have a couple of sewing projects to add to posts so...Happy Wednesday friends!