Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Weekending!

I am happy to say the weekend came early to our house! It was an 'in-service' day for our town teachers so the monkeys were home! I love extra days with the kiddos, esp. since I am heading back to work next week. I had a quick meeting to go to this morning and the girls got some playground time while I had my meeting. (The benefits of having a meeting in a garden!)(How many times can I use the word meeting in one line?!) Then it was off for a quick stop at the farm I work. Some of our little friends were there so the kids got to hang out and harvest some radishes! How cool is that?! Then it was home for lunch and an afternoon of playing outside! Lots of sidewalk chalk and scooter riding! I LOVE SPRING!

I also had the pleasure of an elusive Friday night date with the hubby! He is usually out with his friends on Friday nights...but tonight we joined his friends for dinner and a movie! Reminded me of our dating days! HA! I have plans for dinner for one of my best friend's 30th birthday tomorrow night and hopefully seeing another friend play at a local bar! PERFECT Saturday night! Do you have any fun weekend plans?!

Due to some glorious weather headed our way, we have big yard work plans for the weekend! Raking out beds and possibly rototilling the veggie garden?! I'm hoping to plant potatoes and asparagus this year! I also want to put in a few raised beds to grow cut flowers for bouquets! Are you planting anything new in your garden?!

Happy Weekending my friends! Live it up!

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