Friday, January 28, 2011

My Friday Favorites!

Here are a few things I can't get enough of from the past week...

First of all, I LOVE this song, and this duo only makes it all the more sweeter! Their youtube video got them an appearance on Ellen where the dad couldn't have been nicer and the little girl was just too adorable waving and wanting to run out and hug the crowd!

Second, I can't get enough of my babe in the pic we took after her fever broke. She is still no where near 100% sadly but the fever is gone so thank goodness for small miracles!

A big favorite of ours from the past week were these AMAZING Salted Caramel Cupcakes! They were passed on to me from my friend Erin over at She originally got the recipe from here: I made a batch and the girls and I promptly became cupcake fairies and delivered some to family and friends! They are AMAZING, but I did not need to eat 27 cupcakes and that is exactly what I would have done if they all stayed in my house! The cupcakes were a big hit all around!

I bought a pair of Danskin fleece pants at Kohl's the other day with my Kohl's Cash! Oh! Fleece pants! Why did I wait so long to buy you?! I'm sure my husband just loves them, but frankly, I don't care! HA! Do you have a pair? If not...GO, NOW! Stop reading and go buy yourself a pair!

And just for a little bit of fun and a whole lot of sexy, here is one of my perennial favorites! The oh so sexy Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy! If you are not watching Sons of Anarchy on FX...YOU MUST! I am counting down to the start of Season 4!

And finally, my last favorite for this Friday, Girl Scout Cookies! I am the troop leader for my oldest daughter's 1st grade troop. We just finished up our cookie sales for the year and she sold a total of 210 boxes! And when I say she, I mean me! HA! She did do a great job asking our family members and made a few phone calls to family members we don't see regularly, but the majority of our sales came from my fabulous, generous FaceBook friends! Thank you again to everyone who bought cookies! The girls are all so appreciative!

Happy Friday everyone! What are some of your favorites from your past week?! Make sure you take the time to enjoy the things that make you happy!

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