Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HIghs & Lows

5 things I'm lovin' today!
1. The curls in my little's ponytail! So darn sweet!
2. Pedicures tonight with my best friend!
3. Yummy strawberry jam on my bagel! Check out this recipe on my friend Jamie's blog! (We have 18 jars in our freezer!!!)
4. Tacos for dinner! YUM!
5. We leave for vacation Friday morning!!!!!

5 things I am not lovin' so much today!
1. My big girl is running a fever. (Thankful it is just a fever and it is before vacation. Little one had it the other day...)
2. The cleaning & laundry I need to do before we leave for previously mentioned vacation.
3. The lack of sales at our yardsale Sunday...Oh well!
4. I so wish vacation was longer...like the whole month of July...someday...
5. The fact that strawberry season is so short and I onyy got to pick once this season...(And that the darn birds & mass amounts of chipmunks in our yard ate the majority of our crop...Will be fenced and covered better next year!

Happy summer everyone! Enjoy every second of it! We intend to! (Some of our summer fun pics coming soon!

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